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How does Compliancedashboard help our company stay in compliance?

Compliancedashboard is a web based tool that gives you the information, tools and resources you need to comply with the Federal laws that govern your health and welfare benefit plans. It raises awareness and understanding of these laws and prompts users when it is time to complete a compliance activity.

Benefit Administrators
The staff at your organization who are responsible for benefit plan administration, such as enrolling/dis-enrolling plan participants, distributing notices/plan information and administering plan provisions are assigned user accounts on Compliancedashboard. These users are referred to as Benefit Administrators.

Dashboard Calendar
Each Benefit Administrator has a dashboard calendar that provides an at-a-glance view of his or her compliance responsibilities. Some compliance activities must completed at a certain time during the year and those are scheduled on the appropriate date. Others, although not date sensitive, provide summaries of compliance requirements that he or she should be aware of and practicing on the job. These are spread throughout the dashboard calendar so that all activities will be reviewed once each year. Each activity is labelled with an Icon so the user knows immediately what is required.

Information Aggregator
Compliancedashboard gives users all the information they need about compliance in one easy-to-navigate web site. The federal laws that govern your health and welfare plans are broken down into compliance activities, each with its own web page designed to give you a concise and relevant explanation of how to comply with the law being presented. The compliance activity web page has links to additional tools and resources that users can use for more in-depth research on a compliance topic.

On-Time Messaging
When it is time to perform a compliance activity, Compliancedashboard will send the Benefit Administrator an email with a link to a compliance activity web page that provides a summary of the law and step-by-step instructions on what must be done to comply with it. This web page will also include a link where users can access an electronic version of any information that must be distributed (if required). There are also many compliance responsibilities that Benefit Administrators must know, but are not necessarily date sensitive. Compliancedashboard will send emails on a periodic basis throughout the year asking Benefit Administrators to review these topics.

Automated Tracking and Reminders
Compliancedashboard helps an organization stay on top of its compliance responsibilities through an automated tracking and reminder system. Most compliance activities require the user to respond when he or she has completed the task required, such as distributing a notice to employees or verifying that information has been read and understood. If a user happens to forget, the system will continue to send reminder emails until the user responds. These responses are tracked on the dashboard calendar and compiled into a report that you can produce on-demand.