What’s New in 2.0 for HR Managers?

This page provides a review of new features and options in Compliancedashboard 2.0.  Click on a subject link below or press “Ctr F” to search the entire page. Click here to see what’s new for Benefit Administrator users.

Easily Identify Compliance Tasks

Dashboard Functionality

Compliance Blog

Manage Activity Permissions

Audit Reports

Blended User Role: Benefit Administrator & HR Manager




To simplify your work, we have boiled down compliance into its core components and labeled them with icons so that you can see – at a glance – what must be done to complete the activity.Whether it is:

  • Distributing a notice to participants
  • Verifying that certain information is disclosed;
  • Reporting information to the government;
  • Understanding a required practice or procedure; or,
  • Reviewing reference material

These icons are used throughout the dashboard as an easy guide for understanding your obligations.




Convenient Search

Although the main dashboard has a new look, you can still:

  • Perform a quick search on a topic
  • Look-up information by its compliance area
  • Easily access the many file resources you have at your disposal.
Dashboard Search


Filter Compliance Activities

HR Dashboard
All of your compliance activities are spread throughout your plan year along with the appropriate icon. Now, you can filter what is displayed on your dashboard by clicking one of the filter buttons and selecting the type of activities you wish to see.




Compliance Blog An important new addition to the dashboard is the Compliance Blog.You should note that a compliance activity listed on the dashboard describes requirements established by final laws and regulations.The compliance blog is a resource that will keep you up to date with the latest news, such as interim or proposed regulations under health care reform.Compliance headlines are shown on the dashboard where you can click through to read the full story.

You can also subscribe to the blog and receive an email notification whenever the blog is updated.




Activity Permissions
Compliancedashboard 2.0 gives you the ability to assign activities to individual users, which can be accessed by clicking on “Tools” and then “Manage Activity Permissions.” 


Why is this helpful?  

Because some activities may only be handled by one person in the company. For example, all staff may be required to distribute notices of creditable coverage under Medicare Part D, but only one person may be responsible for ensuring the appropriate information is reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Permission Selection




Report Generator

Report Generator
As before, one of the most important tools and a key benefit of Compliancedashboard is the ability to run a report, on demand, of all compliance activities. Dashboard 2.0 now gives you a report generator so that you can capture the exact information you need.


Automated Reports

To make documentation even easier, the new dashboard can automate the audit report process. Go to “My Accounts” and scroll down to “Report Notification Interval.”

When you select a time interval, the system will run your audit report automatically and email it to you at the interval you selected.

Report Notification




Compliancedashboard 2.0 can combine the functionality of the Benefit Administrator and HR Manager user roles into a single login. That means if you are the single user at your company you no longer have to maintain two separate User IDs and passwords. Going forward, you can simply use your Benefit Administrator login.

Under this blended role, you will receive emails from the dashboard when it is time to complete an activity and you will be able to act on the activity. In addition, you will also have access to the HR Manager tools and can run compliance audit reports. For more information on the tools that are available, please review the description of what’s new for HR Managers under Compliancedashboard 2.0.


Please note that your dashboard will look similar to the HR Manager’s dashboard. Simply click on an activity name to see your full status for that activity. To complete the activity, click on the “View Activity” link next to the activity name. You can also access the activity by clicking on the link in the email reminder you will receive when the activity is due to be completed.

Additional Users

You also have the option of adding additional Benefit Administrator users and assigning them specific compliance tasks. Why is this helpful? Because some activities may only be handled by one person in your company.

For example, you may be responsible for completing most of the compliance activities; however, someone else in your company may be responsible for one or two items, such as filing the Form 5500 or Reporting information to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In this case, you can select who should complete the various activities that are assigned to your company.

To assign these tasks, click on “Tools” and then “Manage Activity Permissions.” By default, all users will be assigned all activities. You must uncheck any activities that do not apply to a user.