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Welcome to ComplianceDashboard!
We are pleased to inform you the ComplianceDashboard for {{employer-company-name}} is ready for your use. It will help you fulfill your compliance duties through an interactive email and follow-up system that monitors the progress of each compliance task.
How Do I Access ComplianceDashboard?
ComplianceDashboard is accessible through the latest, supported version of your preferred browser. Please note, IE8 is no longer a supported version of Internet Explorer and is not compatible with ComplianceDashboard.
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User ID:  {{user-email-address}}
Password:  {{user-password}}
Getting Started
  • Login to ComplianceDashboard with the information above in order to activate your user profile. You will not receive compliance task emails until you have logged in for the first time and accepted the user agreement.
  • Your email notifications will begin based on the start date provided, but they will not be delivered until you have logged in for the first time. This can cause some backup of emails to be delivered to your inbox if there is a delay with your initial login.
  • You have been designated as a Benefit Administrator on the ComplianceDashboard site.
  • The compliance task email you receive will have information about the requirement and a link to a compliance task web page. You will simply click on the link in the email and follow the instructions to complete the requirement. ComplianceDashboard also provides you with tools and applicable downloads to assist you in your compliance efforts.
  • Watch our training video to learn more.
What If I Don’t Receive Any Emails?
Please check your spam filter. The emails you receive as a Benefit Administrator are system generated and can get caught in your spam filter. If this happens, you should adjust your filter using the information below to allow delivery of these messages:

  • Approve sender: noreply@complianceadministrators.com; or
  • Add @complianceadministrators.com to your “whitelist” or list of domains that your email service provider allows to deliver messages to your inbox.
Thank You!
{{broker-company-name}} has made the ComplianceDashboard tool available to you. If you have any questions about this service, please contact your Adviser or visit our website.