Learn More About The Dashboard

ComplianceDashboard is a web based tool that helps employers understand their compliance obligations by giving them the information they need, when they need it.  What’s more, it helps employers fulfill their compliance duties through an interactive email and follow-up system that monitors the progress of each compliance task.

What makes ComplianceDashboard unlike any other compliance resource?  Its multifaceted approach toward assuring employer compliance with the laws that regulate health and welfare plans.


Where do I find the information I need?  Employers often struggle with determining what laws affect their plans what steps they must take to comply with them.  While there is a vast amount of material available, identifying trusted sources and pulling together the right information requires considerable time and research.

ComplianceDashboard gives you all of the information you need in one easy-to-navigate website.  What’s more, the information is relevant!  It is written in plain English and tells you exactly what you need to know as an employer.


What do I do and when do I do it?  Finding the correct laws is just the first step in the process.  Employers are frequently overwhelmed as they attempt to process compliance information, and then determine how and when to apply it.

ComplianceDashboard breaks down an employer’s compliance responsibilities into clear and understandable topics, which are summarized on a compliance calendar.  Employers receive timely email reminders to review these topics. 


Who will make sure it gets done?  The compliance process often breaks down after an employer determines a compliance task is required.  Other priorities arise and the task is put on hold and sometimes forgotten.  In addition, Human Resources site leaders may not understand their role in executing a compliance task or passing out required notices.

ComplianceDashboard monitors compliance by requiring a response from users after a task is completed and sends out automated reminders when a required task is past due.  The calendar on the home page gives each user an at-a-glance view of the status of each completed task.  In addition, an Administrator in a multi-location group can easily monitor the status of all users assigned a compliance task.


How do I document our compliance efforts?  Whether for internal review purposes or to submit to an outside agency or court, employers need the ability to document the procedures they have established and the compliance actions they have taken.  Unfortunately, very few employers take the time to record their compliance efforts and find themselves at a loss when this information is requested.

ComplianceDashboard maintains ongoing reports of compliance tasks with dates, names and acknowledgements.  These reports can clearly demonstrate an employer’s good faith efforts to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.  They can also be used internally to identify potential problem areas.

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