faster SPD Wrap Document

The SPD Wrap document, together with the component plan documents, is your Plan Document and Summary Plan Description. If the component plan documents are not attached, the Plan Document and Summary Plan Description are not complete.

The term “wrap” is used because the document wraps additional ERISA-required language and other governing provisions around benefit descriptions (component plan documents) drafted by insurance companies, third party administrators (TPAs)  or other entities.

If you have created a Summary of Material Modications (SMM) through faster, you must attach information that explains how the plan is impacted.

Additional information is provided below.

Component Plan Documents

Required Attachments
Depending on available information from your providers and the requirements listed below, attach one or more of the following documents to your SPD Wrap for each group benefit:

Required Insurance Coverage Details
This information should be covered in one or more of the documents listed above.

Translation Assistance

As the plan administrator you have a requirement to provide translation assistance to participating employees upon request if:


Be prepared to prove you furnished the SPD Wrap Document and component plan information (or the SMM) to participants in a way reasonably calculated to ensure actual receipt, retaining evidence of the notice being given, including:

The faster system maintains data for all documents created through WrapXpress. This allows you to re-enter the system any time to edit and generate a new document. Any special document customizations or edits made to your documents must be recorded and maintained by your company.

Keep information current by updating the information in WrapXpress any time there are changes. Plan changes must be communicated with a Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) notice or an updated SPD (both available in WrapXpress).