Compliance Icons: At-A-Glance Compliance Requirements

ComplianceDashboard simplifies compliance by breaking it down into 6 main categories. These categories are represented by icons that are used throughout the dashboard allowing you to easily assess primary topic of each task.


notice 168x47 notice 47x47
Notice: Distribute a notice/information to employees and/or plan participants. 
disclosure 168x47 disclosure 47x47
Disclosure: Verify that certain plan information is disclosed in the appropriate documents. 
report 168x47 report 47x47
Report: File a form or report information to a government agency.
education 168x47 education 24x24
Education: Review the information provided to ensure you understand what is required of you and your plan.
testing 168x47 testing 47x47
Testing: Perform the testing function or activity required by the plan. 
reference 168x47 reference 47x47
Reference: Supplemental information that has no associated compliance requirement. 
distribution 168x47 distribution 47x47
Distribution: Make a distribution to a plan participant as required by the plan.
contribution 168x47 contributions 47x47
Contribution: Make a contribution or deposit as required by the plan.