Annual Dashboard Review Questionnaire

Compliancedashboard customizes its services and provides material relevant to an individual plan sponsor (employer) based on information that is provided through the set-up questionnaire.  In order to ensure the setup of your dashboard continues to be appropriate for your plan(s), it is important to do a review at least annually to ensure any changes that you may have made to your benefit offerings are captured in the dashboard setup.

Any time you need to provide us with updated plan information, please click here [add link to setup questionnaire] and you will be taken to the current set-up questionnaire we have on file.  Depending on when your dashboard was originally created, this link may not be available to you.  In this case, you may download the questionnaire here [add link to questionnaire].  Once you have completed the downloaded questionnaire, please e-mail the completed form to…….[enter who we want it to go to].

Compliancedashboard will rely on the answers to the questions provided in the questionnaire to update your compliance calendar and provide compliance reminders.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail [enter who we want them to contact]