Allied National FAQs


Users with the Oversight User or Super User role can add additional users through Admin → Manage Users → Add New. A welcome email can be sent directly to the new user with their login information and training materials.

Through Admin, choose “Manage Tasks” to assign tasks to specific team members. Only the users with their names checked will receive task emails and be responsible for documenting the task.

The Compliance Toolbox is a collection of checklists, cheat sheets, flyers, and other resources to help you stay in compliance. You can find most of these resources within the corresponding task page under “Link Resources.”

  • Basic User:
    • Responsible for completing compliance activities.
    • Receives task emails from their Dashboard
  • Oversight User:
    • Oversees tasks assigned to the Basic User(s)
    • Can access administrative tools such as managing users, running reports, and assigning tasks to specific users
    • Does not complete tasks
    • Does not receive task emails from their dashboard
  • Super User:
    • Functions as a Basic User
    • All capabilities of an Oversight User
  • Research Only User:
    • Can review content pages only
    • Does not receive email, document tasks, or have administrative access


Short answer: Yes! Long answer: Tasks appear on your Dashboard based on the company and plan information that was entered into the setup questionnaire.

If there are tasks on your Dashboard that you believe don’t apply, a user with the Oversight User or Super User role can review your setup through Admin → Update Company Details.

ComplianceDashboard tasks cover federal health and benefits law. If you would like to see a specific state law on your Dashboard, contact your adviser for more information.

If you have multiple users for your company, the user accounts don’t sync task history within the Dashboard. This allows all users to document when the have read or completed a task.

If you would like to divide your company’s compliance tasks among multiple users, a Super User or Oversight User can do so through Admin → Manage Tasks.

These icons indicate the task category:

  • ACA
  • IRS
  • Administration
  • Wellness
  • Miscellaneous (for activities specific to your company)

Pro Tip! These icons correspond with the categories in the risk assessment tool, ComplianceBenchmark.

Check It! tasks are compliance obligations that require you to review documents/procedures or to check that your company’s fiduciaries are properly performing their duties.

Check It! tasks don’t require you to distribute a notice/disclosure or file a report by a certain date. You will only receive one email about these tasks, and Check It! tasks will never show as Past Due. You can still document your efforts in the task page. Once a task has been documented, the status will change to “Documented.”

Take Action! tasks are compliance obligations that have specific due dates and require a specific action, such as distributing notices/disclosures or filing reports.

These tasks must be documented on your Dashboard and will show as “Past Due” after the due date. An email will be sent 10-30 days before the task is due and reminder emails will be sent every 10-15 days afterward until the task is documented.


Go to My Account, and choose the drop down box under Notification Interval. You can choose to receive emails For Every Activity (as it comes due on your Dashboard), Weekly, Monthly, or Not At All.

You will receive notification emails 10-30 days prior to the due date of the task. For “Take action!” tasks, you will receive reminder emails every 10-30 days until you are able to document the task on your Dashboard.

“View Task” takes you to the corresponding task page where you can read more on the topic, while “Document Task” allows you to document the task directly from the email, saving you time on the tasks you know have been completed or don’t need to research further.


To edit the original response to an activity or undo the action of completing it, a Basic User or Super User will review the gray action box within the compliance activity page.

edit undo feature

After clicking on the edit or undo button, the user will get a pop up asking them to verify before they can complete either function.

The edit feature WILL keep the original completion date but allows the user to edit the “submit” text.  The undo feature backs out the original completion date and “submit” text.  The activity will read as one that needs to be completed yet.

Don’t worry! The emails are system-generated and can get caught in your spam filter. If that’s the case, please adjust your filter using these methods so the emails can get to you:

  • Approve sender
    Add to your “whitelist” or list of domains that your email server provider allows to deliver messages to your inbox.


Yes! HIPAA10 will send out reminders every 30 days from the time you last viewed a task.

Absolutely! Your adviser has the ability to view your Dashboard on demand by using their Adviser Portal.

While this tool is a DIY approach, our team at ComplianceDashboard can help point you to the information you’re looking for on HIPAA10. You can email if you need assistance or clarification on any particular task.

Great question! It’s important to keep your documents up-to-date and make sure you’re continually assessing your security measures in protecting ePHI. If you have any major changes in personnel or those who can access ePHI, anytime your company has a major tech update, or if you move to a new building, your HIPAA documents will need to be updated. We recommend reviewing and updating each task every year to make sure nothing gets missed.

In tasks 4, 5, and 6, you will find guides and templates to help you update your current policy manuals or create new ones. The information provided will walk you through each step in what should be modified or updated.

From your home page, you can download a task report by selecting the “Admin” tab in the grey taskbar. Select the “Download Task Report” icon, include your users, date range, and click the download button.

You can save documents by utilizing the Document Manager found on the right side of each task page. You can also access the document manager at the top of the home page by clicking the green “Document Manager” button.

Check out this quick video to get started on your Risks Analysis:

Give yourself some time! HIPAA compliance is a marathon, not a sprint. Depending on the size of your organization and how your PHI is handled, working through all 10 tasks may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It’s much more important to understand all of the information rather than rush through and miss a crucial step.

You can find all templates for each task under the Sample Documents library and also under the Sample Documents section of each task. There are also links to the same documents throughout the corresponding task page.

You can find the workbook in the Sample Documents library by clicking the green “Sample Documents” button from your home page. You can also find the workbook in the first task by clicking the link or from the Sample Document section on the right side of the Task 1 page.

From task page: Go to the Status box at the top right of the page. Choose “Sure!” You will be prompted to add any additional notes regarding this task (for example, how a notice was distributed or if a disclosure was included in your plan documents). When you are done, choose “Document” and you’re done!

Anyone on your team that will be responsible for enforcing HIPAA compliance within your organization should have access. Generally these individuals include some or all of the following: HR Managers, HR Directors, IT Directors, Business Operations personnel, ect.


Users with the Oversight User or Super User role can download a task report through Admin → Download Task Report. The report can be customized by user, task, date, and status.

  • Green = Notified or Documented
  • Yellow = Upcoming
  • Red = Past Due (for “Take Action!” tasks only)


  • From task page: Once you are ready to document a compliance task, go to the Status box at the top right of the page of the specific compliance task. Choose Sure! You will be prompted to add any additional notes regarding this task (for example, how a notice was distributed or if a disclosure was included in your plan documents). When you are done, choose “Document” and you’re done!
  • From email: Choose the “Document Task” button. You will be directed to the compliance page and will be prompted to add any additional notes. Follow the steps above to complete documentation.

Sample Documents are templates or model notices/disclosures that come directly from the government agency that oversees compliance for that particular task. These can be downloaded as Word documents and you can insert your own company and plan information as directed.

The Wrap Document Example in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) activity was created by ComplianceDashboard and is meant to be an example only. Wrap Documents should always be reviewed by legal counsel prior to distribution.