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Can a user be both a Benefit Administrator and an HR Manager?

Yes – Compliancedashboard can combine the functionality of the Benefit Administrator and HR Manager user roles into a single login. That means if you are the single user at your company you do not have to maintain two separate user IDs and passwords to access the functionality of both roles. 

Under this blended role, you will receive emails from the dashboard when it is time to complete an activity and you will be able to act on the activity. In addition, you will also have access to the HR Manager tools and can run compliance audit reports.


Please note that your dashboard will look similar to the HR Manager’s dashboard. Simply click on an activity name to see your full status for that activity. To complete the activity, click on the “View Activity” link next to the activity name. You can also access the activity by clicking on the link in the email reminder you will receive when the activity is due to be completed.